Toy Prayoonrat

Branding Expert


It all started when…

I traveled to an unfamiliar area, hungry and in search of a good place to eat. I realized that it wasn't easy to find a good restaurant without any suggestions. As I walked from door to door, I found myself drawn to restaurants that were visually appealing - from the menu and exterior to the interior design. 

I started to realize how much food branding affected my decision. Within the food industry, branding has the ability to create an emotional connection between a business and its consumers. Branding is more than just a logo, color theme, or name. It's a reflection of a business' culture and story. It's what helps build long-term relationships with customers. Without a unique brand identity, businesses cannot set themselves apart from others. And so, it was then that branding has since become my passion and helping food businesses to stand out has become my career. 

People don’t buy goods and services, They buy relations, stories, and magic
— Seth Godin